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(Wild Olive)


WAS R899

NOW R599- each(60L)

The Wild Olive is an indigenous evergreen tree. The trees fruits are popular with birds and other wildlife. This tree is very popular in dry areas because it is extremely hardy and is an excellent fodder tree.

The slow-growing frost, drought and wind-resistant wild olive makes a good shade or screening plant in any garden. Don’t plant it too close to walls, patios or swimming pools as the root system can sometimes be aggressive.


(White Stinkwood)


WAS R899

NOW R599- each(60L)

Celtis africana (White Stinkwood) is a common indigenous tree that thrives in most gardens. There is no doubt that this is an excellent tree to use in a landscape, and it is a rewarding garden tree. It gives shade in summer and allows sun through in winter when it has dropped its leaves.

This beautiful deciduous tree can grow up to 12 m tall in a normal garden environment. In spring it produces very lovely, light green leaves that contrast beautifully with the pale bark.

Celtis africana are hardy and drought tolerant and an easy tree to fill any garden.




WAS R29-95-

NOW R20- each(1L)

This crassula is a branching succulent with fleshy leaves that change from lime green to bright red with age. Leaves turn bright red if in direct sun for most of the day, during drought or in cold temperatures. It does well in partial sun but does not turn as bright red as when in full sun. It does requires regular watering but good drainage if it is to thrive.

The plant is relatively drought tolerant and can take mild frost.


Iceberg Roses

Iceberg Rose

WAS R212

NOW R169 each(10L standard)

Iceberg is a modern floribunda rose cultivar. Leaves are small, light green and glossy. Blooms are about 5 cm in diameter and grow in clusters on long stems. The fragrant flowers usually appear throughout the year.

They are relatively hardy and can tolerate some frost.

They also prefer light pruning in winter followed by fertiliser and a good compost mulch for best results.

Viburnum sinensis

(Sweet Viburnum)


WAS R899-

NOW R599- each(60L)

The sweet viburnum is an exotic, evergreen shrub that is an idea,l hardy screening or hedging shrub. It can reach around 8 m in height. Its attractive foliage and glossy, light green leaves are complimented by masses of white fragrant flowers in autumn and winter. They are frost tolerant and does well in full sun. It does attract birds and butterflies are drawn to the plants berries and flowers. Viburnum enjoy regular watering.

Cycas revoluta

(Sago palm)



WAS R499-95-

NOW R339- each (30cm POT)

This is an exotic cycad that enjoys the South African climate

It is a very symmetrical plant with dark green leaves on a thick shaggy trunk. 

It grows well in sandy, well-drained soil, preferably with some organic matter. It needs good drainage or it will rot. It is fairly drought-tolerant and grows well in full sun or outdoor shade. 

Cycad sago is poisonous to animals (including humans) if ingested. All parts of the plant are toxic; however, the seeds contain the highest level of the.

Carex ‘Frosted Curls’

Carex FC

WAS R29-95-

NOW R20- each (2/3 L)

Carex Frosted Curls grow in most climates and are relatively frost hardy.

They enjoy Full sun but can grow in light shade. They prefer free draining soil and regular watering. They can be used as a border or as a mass planting in most gardens  and add a beautiful color to any garden.

When they start looking untidy, it is recommended to cut them back quite heavily and let them shoot out new growth.


‘Mona Lavender’

Plec ML1

WAS R39-95-

NOW R29-99 each (15cm)

Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’ is a quick-growing, herbaceous, perennial shrub.

It has dark green, glossy leaves with a purple underside. Its magnificent purple/lavender flowers make a spectacular show in any shady spot. They will also however tolerate partial sun but tend to not grow as big.

They are frost tender so be careful of those colder gardens. They love plenty of water as well as a rich soil. Their main flower flush is in autumn and they enjoy regular feeding.

Dietes grandiflora

(Wild Iris)

Dietes G

WAS R29-95-

NOW R20- each(4L)

This indigenous wild iris is grown in gardens and used in landscapes all over RSA. It is a perennial, evergreen plant which grows in full sun or partial shade and is frost resistant as well as drought hardy.

It has become a popular landscaping plant because of its hardiness and is often found in parking areas at shopping centres. It is a great mass planting plant but can also be used as a filler or tall edging plant.

Chlorophytum comosum



(Hen & Chicken)

WAS R29-95-

NOW R20- each(2L)

Chlorophytum comosum is a perennial plant with tuberous roots and small white flowers.

The flowers are often replaced by vegetative buds, which root and serve for vegetative reproduction (Hence the name ‘Hen and Chicken’).

It grows in almost any soil but they are sensitive to cold and frost so need protection during winter. They do not die back completely and revive once the warmer weather returns.

Plants are grown for their drought/disease and pest-tolerance and their relatively disease- and pest-free nature.



(Zantedeschia aethiopica)


WAS R49-95

NOW R39-99each (5L)

Zantedeschia aethiopica is an old fashioned, but very rewarding garden plant. It can be evergreen or deciduous depending on the climate where it grows. It will remain evergreen if grown in wet conditions (all year round moisture).

Arum lilies have lush, dark green leaves which vary in size according to the amount of shade it is growing in. The flowers appear from August to January, although there may be the odd flower at other times of the year.

The white arum may be used as a marginal plant along streams, or on the edge of a pond. Plant in partial shade in your garden if there is no permanent water. It can be planted as a foliage plant in deep shade but will not flower well in this position. It is fast growing and likes very rich, composted and well-drained soil conditions.

Nandina ‘Pygmaea’

Nan pyg

WAS R299-95

NOW R99-each (20L)

This compact dwarf Nandina is used mainly as an attractive foliage filler that changes colours to brilliant autumn shades.

It is an excellent ground cover when plants are grouped together and the vibrant autumn colours add a splash to all gardens.

These plants are frost hardy, love the full sun and require moderate watering.

Nandina domestica


WAS R899-

NOW R599-each (60L)

Despite Nandina domestica having a common name like “Heavenly Bamboo”, it is not a bamboo but an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 2m tall. The leaves change colour from green to pinks and reds that add a splash of colour to any garden. The flowers are white, which appear in early summer while the fruit ripens to a bright red in autumn. Nandina enjoys full sun to semi-shade, frost tolerant and enjoys moderate watering.

Duranta ‘gold’


WAS R29-95-

NOW R20- each(2L)

A small to medium-sized evergreen shrub that has bright yellow foliage when grown in full sun, but turns lime-green if grown in a bit of shade. Ideal for contrast planting in a mixed shrub border or as a trimmed hedge in a formal garden. It is frost tender, enjoys full sun for the best colors and requires moderate watering once established.

Syzygium paniculatum


WAS R1299-

NOW R899- each(60L Std)

Syzygium paniculatum also known by the common name Brush cherry, is a broad dense bushy rainforest tree. It can grow to a height of 15 m. White flowers are produced in clusters. The edible fruit is usually magenta in color.