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Nicolas Plants Delivery Terms & Condition • A signed delivery note ensures that all items have been checked and are correct as per the order. The delivery is complete.

• If an item is short delivered please write it on the delivery note and if by any means there’s an incorrect item such as a broken or damaged goods, please send it back with the driver therefore Please Leave the delivery note unsigned until completed.

• Our drivers will only offload to areas as far as their vehicle will allow them unless otherwise agreed in writing that the goods shall be shipped to the buyer’s premises.

• We will endeavour to sort out any problems as soon as possible. Due to the price of fuel it is economically to do this when we are delivering in the area again.

• Please water all plants as soon as possible after delivery, we do use shade cloth to protect plants on open vehicles as wind burn can be extremely drying.

• We will wrap all pots & pot-features to ensure they do not scratch, our drivers can touch up marks should something happen. Please request this or come collect touch up paint from the nursery.

• We do offer a planting service on large tree. But can suggest a landscaper as well.

• We cannot guarantee any time of delivery however we will try our best to accommodate where possible.

• Plants bought from us are alive and in a healthy condition. Once they leave the nursery we cannot be held responsible for their care. Please supervise when planting and watering.

• We do not install or assemble water features unless an installation fee has been charged on the invoice.